The Study

Dear Visitor,

We have found Jesus Christ to be real. The teachings of Christ and His apostles as contained in the Bible are true. They are factually significant. We know from personal experience that one can have a fulfilling and eternal relationship with their Creator by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

We have found that the worth of Christianity cannot always be determined by the lives and actions of those who profess to know Jesus Christ. We have found that the true teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles are rarely taught and even less often practiced.

When we look at all the times we have chosen to do and say things that God is not pleased with, we realize that we deserve eternal separation from God. We realize that there is no way we could, on our own, reconcile our lives to Him. Fortunately, Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins. Because He suffered in our place, we can, by receiving Him as Savior and Lord, be forgiven for all the wrongs we have done and thus be reconciled to God. When we receive Christ and God forgives us for our sins, we are so thoroughly cleansed that it is like becoming a new person, like being born-again. The life we have with Christ is more rich, more full, and more abundant than we would have ever thought possible. In addition, by receiving Christ and His teachings, we are promised eternal life.

You can have a personal relationship with God. Simply confess to Him your sins, ask Him to come forgive  you, receive Jesus Christ as Savior, and give your life to Him as Lord. It will be the GREATEST decision you will ever make!

Yours In Christ,

The Staff of Creative Christian Fellowship
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