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Our Pastor is Rev. Steve R. Norris. Steve received Christ as his Saviour and Lord on December 17, 1967.  Though Steve was ordained in 1978 and has been active in ministry since the mid 70's, he has chosen to spend his life following the New Testament model of bivocationalism, and thus, currently earns his living in the I.T. industry.  Feeling led to pursue a different type of ministry, Steve retired from his last pastorate with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in March of 2017.

Steve's wife and partner in ministry is Regina.

Regina writes the following:

Though I was raised in the Baptist faith and believed in baptism by immersion, I was afraid of water and thus was not baptized until the age of 46. I was attending a concert at my local church of the Christian singer, Jason Crabb.  At the end of the concert when he gave the invitation, I was moved to go up to the stage. It was at that moment I turned my life over to the Lord.  About two or three weeks later, the day of my baptism, was the most wonderful day of my life.  When I stepped into the baptismal pool I experienced the presence of our Lord like never before.  I simply do not have the words to describe the sense of peace and fulfillment that permeated my being.  I have learned first hand that our Lord’s peace and love is so wonderful, so soothing, that absolutely nothing can compare to being in a right relationship with Him.  Heavenly Father, forgive me for my sins.  Thank you for blessing me so much more that I would have ever imagined.  Thank you for loving me.  I ask that you increase my love for you so that I will always choose obedience to your will.  In the name of your Son I pray, Amen.

Steve amd Regina were married on December 31, 2017 at New Vision Church of God in Johnson City, TN.  Officiating was the Rev. David L. Vanoy, Pastor of New Vision.

Regina & Steve R. Norris with Pastor David & Joy Vanoy

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